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Reshet-LA: The Network for Innovation in Part-Time Jewish Education

Reshet-LA works with an existing network of over 60 educators across Los Angeles and beyond, connecting reigious school administrators and the professional and lay leadership they partner with in order to enhance their practice and provide dynamic, high quality educational experiences for the children who participate in their programs.  Reshet-LA is comprised of the following components:

Religious School Educators' Network This BJE-convened network helps local congregational school directors connect with each other and provides a space for sharing best practices and professional development. 

Innovators COP: This select program provides coaching, a community of practice, a workshop series, and additional grant opportunities to ignite and sustain innovation in Los Angeles' religious schools.

Shinui: the Network for Innovation in Part-Time Education BJE is part of a national collaboration to spark, nurture and spread educational innovation in complementary education, in order to develop approaches that will engage families in meaningful ways and meet the needs of modern families and communities.

2019 Religious School Educator Award Winners

For information about any of BJE’s work in congregational education, contact BJE Director of Jewish Educational Services, David Lewis, 323-761-8618.

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