BJE affiliated day schools undergo a rigorous peer-review accreditation process conducted jointly by BJE and the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and/or Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). At a minimum of every three years, accredited schools conduct a self-study and host a self-study visit to assess their program and the impact on student learning in order to develop a schoolwide action plan that fosters excellence in education and encourages school improvement. Accreditation enables a member school to develop clearly defined goals and objectives based on its mission and philosophy.

In addition to the academic review, BJE conducts a Finance and Governance review in order to ensure that “best practices” in fiscal management and governance are known and maintained throughout the system. The visits have four goals: 1) to identify best practices in day school financial and governance oversight; 2) to empower school boards to more fully understand fiscal issues associated with school operations and thus enable them to meet their fiduciary responsibilities; 3) to determine that communal dollars are being appropriately spent; and 4) to be able to respond to donors’ inquiries about the fiscal health of a school.