BJE Student Support Services and Special Needs

Just as in the general student population, LA Jewish day schools have many diverse learners who need a variety of special services in support of their education. Educators doing this work in Jewish schools face similar challenges to their peers in public or secular private schools. They also face additional challenges, such as helping young learners handle learning Hebrew, a second language with directionality difference, and working with dual schedules in Judaic and secular studies.

Just as in a public or secular school setting, Jewish day schools want to do everything they can to help support their students’ academic success and emotional well-being.

BJE’s Consultant for Student Support Services serves as a convener for the educators in LA’s Jewish schools who work with diverse learners. BJE is the only place for these educators who work specifically in Jewish schools to connect and collaborate. More than 100 educators across the Greater Los Angeles area participate in BJE’s Student Services programs and networking sessions.

For more information, contact Rabbi Jim Rogozen, 323-761-8322