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Keri Loventhal

BJE Builder -Keri Loventhal, Director Valley Beth Shalom Etz Chaim Learning Center

Jan 10, 2021

Our Etz Chaim Learning Center values the importance of creating a Jewish community for students who attend secular schools. We are committed to giving students a chance to experience and “do Judaism.” This happens in the classroom, yard, tefillah, shirah, family programs, school programs, holidays and Synagogue events. We strive for our students to leave our school as confident and knowledgeable individuals. We want our students to go out in to the world with a strong Jewish identity and seek out organizations or groups that represent their values.

BJE Builder - Abby Andiman Mars, Early Childhood Center Director Valley Beth Shalom

Jan 10, 2021

Growing roots and wings. The Valley Beth Shalom Early Childhood Center is committed to nurturing young children and supporting their families through Jewish tradition, wisdom and values. We partner with families to provide a safe and loving community to create a more just, enlightened and peaceful world. Our commitment to tikkun olam resonates in all that we do, and permeates our curriculum, our relationships and our responsibility as Jews.

BJE Builders - Claudine Douglas, Kathryn Jensen and Rabbi Keara Stein

Jan 03, 2021

Jewish education creates a quiet confidence in our students and shapes the future of our community and the world. Children internalize from a young age the importance of welcoming the stranger, engaging in acts of loving kindness, and viewing the world through a social justice lens. A builder of Jewish education has feet that are firmly planted in the rich traditions, values, and practices of Judaism and their sights focused on the future.

Carla Adivi

BJE Builder - Carla Adivi, Valley Outreach Synagogue

Dec 29, 2020

Jewish education provides our young people the space to learn about their heritage and culture, to understand themselves as individuals and as part of a larger community. This enables them to build their desire and capacity to serve others, to develop strong values that will allow them to make good decisions and develop healthy relationships in their lives, to build their leadership skills so that they may take an active role in making the world a better place, and to know that wherever they may be in the world, they have a community.

BJE Builders Elana Mabashov and Robin Masnicoff - Beth Shir Shalom

Dec 28, 2020

Jewish education is at the heart of Jewish life. It is the driving force behind the connections we feel with fellow Jews worldwide. It is evident in how we practice Tikkun Olam, and it is what fuels our beautiful traditions. 

To be a Builder of Jewish education means to be a contributor, to not sit idly by while others take action. One acts on the greater good through and by educating oneself and others in the beauty of Judaism.


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