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Why Jewish Education?

Mar 09, 2021

Recently, I read a book co-authored by two very distinguished Jewish educators, Dr. Bruce Powell and Dr. Ron Wolfson, titled: Raising A+ Human Beings.  In his preface to this very worthwhile and accessible work, Rabbi Ed Feinstein recounts the following:
“I remember my first Parents Night as a head of school: ‘Your job is to get my kid into a good college!’ a parent informed me.  ‘All we ask is that you give our kids the tools to be successful!’ offered another.”

BJE BUILDER - Jessy Lichter Maret, Early Childhood Director - Temple Israel of Hollywood

Mar 04, 2021

The Bay-Nimoy ECC values the virtue of learning, the act of learning and living Tikkun Olam, and living a life of integrity by practicing acts of loving-kindness as we learn. By integrating Jewish values, the history of the Torah, and the modern world, our students are focused and well-rounded individuals who can make justice-minded and socially conscious decisions.

BJE Builder - Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger, Head of School Valley Torah High School

Feb 05, 2021

Our mission at Valley Torah High School is to provide an excellent Torah and College Preparatory program that inspires our students to lead lives dedicated to Torah values, the pursuit of higher education and personal growth, resulting in a successful interface with an ever changing world.

BJE Builder - Rabbi Carrie Vogel, Director, Jewish Experience Center and Interim Director, Early Childhood Center, Kehillat Israel

Feb 04, 2021

Kehillat Israel’s Jewish Experience Center facilitates meaningful and joyful Jewish experiences for our young congregants and prepares students to be Jewish adults in our world today and in the future. A builder of Jewish education is someone who makes sure that the work they do is not only serving our communities now, but also builds the foundation in all young people within the community, so that they will become involved, knowledgeable Jews as they grow.

Julia Levine

BJE Builder - Julia Levine, Religious School Director Temple Ramat Zion

Feb 04, 2021

At Temple Ramat Zion, we feel that a Jewish education is critical for raising and educating children in a holistic way. We know that we educate our children in reading, math, art, science, etc. in order to prepare them for careers and to be good citizens, but a Jewish education prepares children to be good people and guardians of our tradition by using the wisdom of the past.


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