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Staff Directory

Elizabeth Abramowitz
Project EnAble
(323) 761-8641
[email protected]

Lauren Adelson
(323) 761-8615
[email protected]

Maya Aharon
Director, BJE March of the Living
(323) 761-8611
[email protected]

Chen Bain
Executive Assistant
(323) 761-8619
[email protected]

Candace Brand 
Program Assistant
Teen Experiential Education
(323) 761-8609
[email protected]

Ben Golden
Marketing and Communications Specialist
(323) 761-8617
[email protected]

Dr. Gil Graff
Executive Director 
(323) 761-8620
[email protected]

Miriam Prum Hess
Associate Director
Director, Donor & Community Relations
(323) 761-8334
[email protected]

Rachel Donitz Kaplan
Concierge for Jewish Education 
(323) 761-8624
[email protected]

David Lewis
Director, Center for Initiatives in Complementary Jewish Education
(323) 761-8618
[email protected]

Phil Liff-Grieff
Senior Consultant
(323) 761-8614
[email protected]

Monise Neumann
Senior Consultant, BJE March of the Living
(323) 761-8613
[email protected]

Alisha Pedowitz
Director, Center for Excellence in Jewish Educational Engagement & Experiential Learning
(323) 761-8621
[email protected]

Marie Perez
Coordinator, Center for Excellence in Day School Education
(323) 761-8612
[email protected]

Deborah Reissman
Campaign Coordinator
Donor & Community Relations
(323) 761-8637
[email protected]

Blythe Roque
Assistant to the Controller
(323) 761-8633
[email protected]

Janice Tytell
Director, Continuing Professional Development
(323) 761-8623
[email protected]

Liat Vorobiev
Specialist, Teen Experiential Education
(323) 761-8635
[email protected]

Millie Wexler
Donor and Community Relations
(323) 761-8631
[email protected]

Betty Winn
Center for Excellence in Early Childhood & Day School Education
(323) 761-8636
[email protected]


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